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  • Photo of Jennifer Zaccara

    Dr. Jennifer Zaccara 

    Head of School
    (802) 869-6221
    Trinity College - BA and MA
    University of Connecticut - PhD
  • Ms. Kashanie Butler 

    Assistant to Head of School


Prepare students for innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship by investing in the resources, facilities, and training needed for a signature applied science, math, and technology curriculum.

  • Develop programs in applied math, science, and technology, including computer coding, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other skills. 
  • Ensure access to STEM for ALL, especially marginalized and underrepresented peoples and students with varying learning styles.
  • Create an innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum to prepare students for a dynamic world of work and technology and give them experiences that might help them create their own jobs.
  • Empower students to employ research and technology to address contemporary local, national and global problems.
  • Establish two leadership positions: A Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a department head of integrated applied math, science, and technology.
  • Strengthen teaching expertise through professional development in applied math, science, and technology, including computer coding skills, data analytics, artificial intelligence.
  • Empower and equip teachers to guide group and independent research as well as applied knowledge and problem solving.
  • Design, fund, and build a new math and science center on Library Way with flexible lab and classroom spaces for teaching and learning, including a maker space. 
  • Build the school’s technological capacity to support growing program needs.
  • Locate the program leadership team in the Center for Learning.