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Vermont Academy's Giving Challenge to Classes of 1996-2011

Young Alumni! When was the last time you reconnected with VA?

Now that some time has passed since your time at VA, I am sure you have noticed ways VA helped you grow into who you are today. Whether it was that special faculty member who went above or beyond, or a moment when you developed confidence you never knew you had. VA made a difference.

Although it may look different for some, the community you called home still exists today and YOU will always be a part of it.  It continues to thrive because of our alumni, families and friends who stay connected and who support the school in the way they can. Now we are challenging YOU to show your Wildcat pride and support the Vermont Academy Annual Fund.

We are calling this challenge, The Chairman's Challenge, thanks to the generosity of the Chairman of our Board of Trustees, Steven Karol '72. He recognizes that you hold the torch to VA's future, and will match Young Alumni donations up to a generous amount to make your support even greater!

We know many of you are just starting out or still in college, but any amount will help! Did you know if our alumni participation is strong in the Annual Fund it helps us win the support from other donors and foundations? So even if you donate $5, you can feel proud that your participation is what truly matters.

Donate today to the Chairman's Challenge!



"You may not know the people personally you are helping, but you still have a special tie with them and that's Vermont Academy.  It's important to me to give back the same way others have before me, to ensure VA student's have the same opportunities I had." Kelly Johnson '11

"I continue to give back to Vermont Academy because it provided me with relationships I can count on for life. VA also gave me a safe environment where I could learn and grow through educational experiences and life lessons. I believe in supporting the dedicated coaches, teachers and support staff who make Vermont Academy what it is. Any contribution, even small will continue to help shape young people's lives."~Kirk Vaughn '96

"It's taken me a while to fully understand my father's coaching on 'always take care of those who took care of you', but I have finally started to grasp this in regards to donating. He always gave something to any school I attended, and said 'it's not about how much, but about action of giving to something that gave to you'. The money I now donate to VA, as small as it may be (for now) is one of the best donations I make each year. Thank you VA." Chad Wittman '98