Girls' Varsity Hockey

The Vermont Academy’s girls’ hockey program has established a commitment to competition, fair play and individual player development.

The program focuses on skill development through a combination of on and off ice training in an effort to prepare players to play at the college level with an emphasis on academic and character achievement.  The girls’ team plays a traditional New England Prep School Division II girls schedule against opponents like Proctor, North Yarmouth Academy, Holderness, Kingswood-Oxford, Groton, Canterbury and Tilton in addition to Division I opponents such as St. Paul’s and Northfield Mount Hermon. This year the team will play in the Philips Exeter New Year’s Tournament hosted by Phillips Exeter Academy.

The coaching staff believes that success is a byproduct of hard work, preparation and a commitment to continuing to strive to compete at ones highest level. With a solid nucleus of returning players as well as talented new additions, we look forward to this year’s season. If you are interested in learning more about the Vermont Academy hockey program, please email Coach Wilson.

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Lady Wildcats finish season with exciting 1 to 1 tie against KUA

The Wildcats traveled to Kimball Union Academy for their final game of the season. While the game ended in a tie it was action packed- involving some great plays, a shot out, and a very exciting overtime.

Highlights of the first period include junior Katheryn Tremblay dangling through several players in the KUA zone to get a hard shot off net. Next, junior Alana Lopez and senior Captain Melinda Prevost fought through several KUA players on a PK to get the puck in the KUA zone. Finally, all of our defenders- senior captain Carly Radovich, junior Kelly Rifai, and junior Kate O’Brien had several hard shots on the point and stepped up to block several KUA shots.

Highlights of the second period included senior Casey Walsh blocking a shot on the penalty kill. Sophomore Corinna Hardesty skating hard with the puck along the boards, faking a KUA player out, and then reversing the puck back to Radovich who got a hard shot on net. However, the most exciting part of the second was when Vermont Academy finally got on the score board. As the KUA players broke out of their end and transitioned the puck into the neutral zone, Prevost intercepted a pass and skated hard back into the KUA zone. Prevost took a hard slap shot that went right through the KUA goalies’ legs.

Unfortunately, during a penalty kill KUA was able to get their name on the scoreboard, and the score became 1 to 1. Highlights of the third period include a penalty shot by Prevost that included a nice head fake, but did not result in a goal. Freshman Brianna Wood and senior Aileenka Hardesty fought hard and set up some very nice plays.

With the 1 to 1 tie, the game went into overtime. It was a very exciting 5 minutes, with some great rushes made by the wildcats, but unfortunately neither team was able to get the puck in the net, and the game ended with a 1 to 1 score. Junior goalie Leah Kennedy saved 17 shots and the girls had a total of 31 shots on the KUA goalie.


Last Home Game for Wildcats: #19 Melinda Prevost scores with 19 seconds left in overtime to win 3-2 over Brewster.

Wednesday was the last home game for the Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey team, and they went out in the best way possible …with an overtime 3-2 win over Brewster.  Senior Melinda Prevost (#19) scored all 3 goals, including the game winner goal with 19 seconds left in overtime.

Goal number 1 was scored in the 1st period, and involved senior Casey Walsh and senior captain Carly Radovich working the puck in the Brewster zone, and getting a pass to Prevost. Prevost dangled the puck through the Brewster defenseman and pass the Brewster goalie. Goal number 2 was scored in the 2nd when junior defenseman Kate O’Brien intercepted a pass, got the puck to Prevost, who slide the puck right in. Brewster was able to catch up, scoring a goal in the 2nd and 3rd period, taking the game into overtime. With 19 seconds left in overtime, senior Carly Radovich gave a perfect pass to Prevost who was able to tip the puck right past the Brewster goalie.

Other highlights of the game include junior Alana Lopez fighting through several Brewster players to set herself up for a breakaway. In the second period, the girls perfected setting up one another in the Brewster zone. First, junior Alana Lopez carried the puck down the boards, looked up, and passed to Prevost, who got a nice shot off. Next, Prevost returned the favor, carrying the puck up the boards, looking up, and giving a pass to Walsh who was able to get a nice one time shot off too.

Junior goalie Leah Kennedy saved 17 shots and the girls totaled 20 shots on the Brewster goalie.


Huge win for Wildcats: Triumph over Tilton 5-3

It was a very exciting weekend for the lady Wildcats hosting Tilton at home on Saturday at 2:30 PM. The team honored their 4 seniors, Melina Prevost, Casey Walsh, Carly Radovich and Aileenka Hardesty before the start of the game. Former wildcat, Ari Beauregard was on hand to honor the seniors as well.

The girls honored the senior in the best way possible, walking away with an impressive 5-3 win over Tilton.

The first period of the game was a slow start for the Wildcats, and Tilton was able to get a goal on the scoreboard. The girls came out strong in the second and from there went on to score 5 goals.  Senior captain Melinda Prevost scored all 5 goals of the game, reaching her 100th goal mark. Goal number one was scored in the second off of a quick pass from junior defenseman Kelly Rifai. Goal number two was unassisted after Prevost dangled through several Tilton players and took a quick snap shot that went right past the Tilton goalie. Goal number 3 was also unassisted and like goal number 2 involved a quick sprint past several Tilton players. Goal number 4 was assisted by senior defenseman captain Carly Radovich, again involving a quick pass from the point. And finally Goal number 5 was scored in the 3rd also unassisted and also involved a lot of dangling through the Tilton zone.

While this was definitely one of Prevost’s best Vermont Academy games, there were also many other highlights. Freshmen Brianna Wood stepped up to play defense for the game and had an unbelievable shot from the point. Senior Casey Walsh, in true Casey fashion, blocked a shot on the penalty kill. Next, senior Carly Radovich took a hard slap shot on net, received the rebound, and got another shot off. And finally junior Kathryn Tremblay played an impressive fore-check. The girls had 33 shots on Tilton and junior Leah Kennedy saved 25 shots.

We will travel to Tilton tomorrow for a 4:30 PM make-up game.  We will host Brewster at home on the 19th and travel to KUA on Saturday for our final game of the regular season.


Girls’ host Holderness at home: One of the best games yet. Battle hard, lose to Holderness 0-1.

The girls faced Holderness for the second time this season at home Wednesday night at 5:30 PM. The girls had one of their best games yet…skating strong, communicating, staying out of the box, and perfecting their penalty kill. Ultimately, Holderness scored during the 2nd, and the end of the game score was 0-1. The girls should be praised for the “smart hockey” that they played throughout the game and the great shots that they had on net.

Highlights from the 1st period include senior captain Carly Radovich dangling through several players and taking a hard shot on net. As she was sprinting back to play defense, she intercepted a pass and was able to get another shot off of net. Junior Kelly Rifai had a beautiful slap shot from the mid blue line during a power play. And finally, senior captain Melinda Prevost had a wonderful play stick handling behind the net and getting a nice back hand shot off.

Senior Casey Walsh had two great plays. First, she blocked a shot on a penalty kill and during another PK she was able to get a onetime shot off of a pass from senior Carly Radovich.

Aileenka Hardesty, Corinna Hardesty, Alana Lopez and Katheryn Tremblay did a wonderful job crashing the net and using the boards to move the puck. Freshman Brianna Wood played her most aggressive game yet.

Juniors Teneal Perry and Kate O’Brien played perfect as a defensive pair…making quick passes and moving fluidly as one on the blue line. Junior goalie Leah Kennedy played wonderful amongst battling an injury, saving 14 shots.  Our senior game will be at home on Saturday against Tilton at 2:30 PM.


Girls Battle Worcester Again: Fall 0-7

The Girls’ Varsity Ice Hockey Team traveled to the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, MA on Saturday to play Worcester Academy for the second time this season. The girls came out strong against Worcester Academy outshooting them for most of the first, but ultimately lost the battle and fell 0-7.

Highlights of the game include a fast sprint down the ice by junior Katheryn Tremblay  in the 3rd. Several hard shots on the point from junior Kelly Rifai and senior captain Carly Radovich. Junior defenseman Kate O’Brien was named MVP of the game. Goalie junior Leah Kennedy saved 17 shots.  

A big thank you to Carly Radovich’s family for hosting us for a team dinner. The girls host Holderness at home on Wednesday at 5:30 PM and our senior game will take part during Saturday’s home game against Tilton at 2:30 PM.


Tough Third Period for Girls' Varsity Hockey: Fight Hard.. Fall with 2 minutes in 3rd 0-1:

 The GVH hosted Proctor Academy at home on Wednesday at 4:00 PM. This was the second time facing Proctor this season. The first game ended 6-2 Proctor and the girls set out for revenge.

 Throughout the entire game the girls battled hard; playing one of their best periods in the second. The girls made smooth transitions out of our end, forwards made use of D at the points, and everyone hustled hard on the fore check. Smart hockey was played by all. Unfortunately, with 2 minutes left in the third, Proctor was able to score after a series of rebound shots and a large scramble in the front of the net.

Special recognition goes to junior goalie Leah Kennedy who played an amazing game saving 28 shots. Junior Teneal Perry and sophomore assistant captain Kori McComber also played well. The girls will host Worcester Academy at home on Friday at 4:00 PM.


Wildcats fall to Winchendon 7-3:

The Wildcats traveled to the Winchendon School for a Friday night show down. While the girls were able to get some points on the scoreboard, VA ultimately fell to Winchendon 7-3.

Goal number one was scored during the first period. Junior Kelley Rifai stopped the puck along the boards and gave a strong pass to defense partner senior captain Carly Radovich on the blue line. Taking her time she brought the puck towards the middle of the blue line, and gave a hard pass to senior captain Melinda Prevost. Prevost went on to dangle through several Winchendon girls and finally Winchendon goalie.  The girls maintained their composure throughout the entire period entering the second with a 2 to 1 score.

Goal number two occurred in the second period. After a strong shot on net juniors’ Alana Lopez and Teneal Perry went in for the rebound; Perry took a shot which rebounded off of the goalie, and Lopez was in perfect position to one time the puck in. The momentum from the first period unfortunately did not carry over into the second, and with an increase in penalties, the Wildcats played shorthanded most of the second. Winchendon was able to take advantage and eventually took a strong lead over VA.

The third and final goal for the Wildcats occurred in the third period. Senior captain Melinda Prevost got a pass in the neutral zone and using her speed was able to stick handle through several players and back hand the puck past the Winchendon goalie.

Special recognition goes to Kelley Rifai who did an amazing job getting the puck out of our end on penalty kills and making strong passes up the boards. The girls host Proctor at home on Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

Wildcats cross the border: Travel to Stanstead College, play hard, fall 0-5

The Vermont Academy Girls’ Varsity Hockey team traveled to Stanstead College in Canada on Wednesday. While the score was 0-5, the girls played one of their best games yet, coming out hard against the strongest opponent they have faced this season.

Highlights of the game include a strong penalty kill on both a 5 on 4 and a 5 on 3. Junior defenseman Kate O’Brien had one of her best games, including several smart breakouts from our end and making several smooth passes in the neutral zone. Senior Casey Walsh was voted MVP of the game, displaying huge amounts of grit, especially after taking a puck off of the arm during a penalty kill. The girls had 17 shots on Stanstead and junior goalie Leah Kennedy saved an impressive 22 shots.

 It was wonderful to have a number of our Canadian families join us for the game and dinner afterwards. The team travels to Winchendon tomorrow for a 4:30 PM show down.



Wildcats take down Groton 5-3

The wildcats hosted Groton on Saturday at 3:00 PM. The girls came out strong and walked away with a 5-3 win.

Goal number 1 occurred during the first period when senior captain defenseman Carly Radovich took a slap shot from the point. The puck rebounded of the Groton goalie and senior Aileenka Hardesty was in perfect position to take a one timer and put the puck right in the net. The second goal also took place in the first period. Senior captain Melinda Prevost skated right across the grease of the net and took a hard shot on net. Junior Katheryn Tremblay received the rebound and one timed the puck in.

During the second period goals 3 and 4 were scored. Sophomore assistant captain Kori McComer saved the puck from leaving the Groton zone. From there she chipped the puck up the board to Prevost who skated hard to the net to backhand the puck over the goalie's shoulder. Goal number 4 was scored by junior Teneal Perry. Perry is an excellent example of why it is important to "shoot, shoot and shoot". Perry received a pass and dumped the puck into the Groton zone which slide across the ice right through the Groton goalie's legs.

Goal number 5 and the final goal of the game occurred when freshman Brianna Wood received a pass from Hardesty, skated hard up the ice and scored on an open netter.  It should be noted that Wood told the coaches she had a dream she was going to score in this particular game.

MVP of the game goes to Perry and Wood who both had one of their best games of the season. Junior goalie Lean Kennedy saved 24 shots.


Wildcats suffer tough loss to Holderness... Fall 2 to 5.


 The Vermont Academy Girls' Ice Hockey team traveled to Holderness for a 4:00 PM makeup game. While the girls battled, they ultimately lost 5 to 2.

When the girls did get into the Holderness end they were able to make things happen. The first goal occurred in the second period and was the result of a series of rebounds off of the Holderness goalie. Freshmen Brianna Wood took a shot on the Holderness goalie, and while it looked like the puck went in, it rebounded out of the net. From there senior Aileenka Hardesty took a one timer at the puck which hit off the Holderness goalie's pads. From that rebound Katheryn Tremblay was finally able to put the puck into the net.

The girls scored again in the third period. Junior Alana Lopez took a hard shot on net at which point Hardesty rushed to the net, received the rebound, and took a quick one timer placing the puck right into the lower slot. Hardesty was ultimately the MVP of the game. Special recognition goes to junior goalie Leah Kennedy who saved 24 shots. 

Vermont Academy Girls' Ice Hockey continues winning streak: Shuts out KUA 1 to 0.

The wildcats hosted Kimball Union Academy today at 2 PM. It was one of the girls most intense games yet. Through their hard work ethic and determination, the girls came out of the game the victor; shutting KUA out 1 to 0.

Highlights of the game include a beautiful power play in the second period led by senior captain Melinda Prevost, senior Casey Walsh, senior Aileenka Hardesty, junior Kate O'Brien and sophomore assistant captain Kori McComber. Next, the girls did an amazing job with perfecting their penalty kill, continuously keeping the pressure on KUA and getting the puck out of our end. Finally, all of the girls excelled at moving the puck through the neutral zone.

The girls kept the shots going on the KUA goalie but it was not until the third period they were finally able to put one away. Prevost received a pass and was able to dangle through several KUA players and finally KUA goalie. The fans went wild!!

MVP of the game, junior goalie Leah Kennedy not only made 26 saves but also had her second back to back shut out of the season. The girls head to the Holderness school on Friday for a 4:00 PM make up game. 


First home win for Vermont Academy Girls' Ice Hockey

Vermont Academy hosted Portsmouth Abbey on Saturday for their second home game of the season. The girls played hard and walked away with a 3 to 0 win. Goalie, junior Leah Kennedy had her first shut out of the season, saving an impressive 16 shots.

The girls dominated the first period, keeping the puck in the Portsmouth end and posting 16 shots on net. Unfortunately, PA's goalie fought hard and the first period ended with the score 0 to 0.

Junior Teneal Perry and junior Alana Lopez both had an awesome second period; working together to get VA on the score board. First, Perry assisted Lopez who scored a goal right over the PA goalie's shoulder. Perry then went on to score her own goal which was the result of a quick shot going right under the PA goalie's legs. The goal was assisted by freshman Brianna Wood and senior captain Carly Radovich.

The wildcats entered the third period 2 to 0 and with 4 minutes left in the period senior captain Melinda Prevost had a quick rush to the goal and posted VA's third and final goal. Prevost also had an impressive victory celebration with the help of junior Alana Lopez.

Special recognition goes to freshman Brianna Wood who fought hard the entire game. VA hosts Kimball Union Academy 2:00 PM at home on Wednesday.

Exeter Tournament

The Vermont Academy girls’ ice hockey team spent the
beginning of 2014 traveling to Phillips Exeter to participate in the prestigious New Year’s Exeter Tournament. The girls were able to participate in four games of hockey and ended the tournament with two wins and two loses.  The girls worked very hard throughout the tournament, spent quality time as a team, and set a great tone for the second half of the season.

First W of the season versus Canterbury in overtime 5-4 win:

  The first game of the tournament was exciting for many reasons. Not only was it an amazing 5- 4 overtime win but was also the  first win of the season. The first goal was scored by senior Aileenka Hardesty who tipped in the puck after junior Teneal Perry took a beautiful shot on net. Second goal of the game was a hard shot scored by senior captain Melinda Prevost who was assisted by senior Casey Walsh and Hardesty. The tone was set for the game and the girls continued
to battle against Canterbury.

Junior Katheryn Tremblay proved the importance of crashing the net when she scored off of a rebound shot, a play assisted by juniors Alana Lopez and Teneal Perry. In the 3rd Prevost had an unassisted goal off of a faceoff, scoring top shelf, and leading the girls to overtime with Canterbury. Here, our three standouts from the game came together to lead the team to victory. Prevost scored the game winner with a quick slap shot assisted by Walsh and Hardesty.

Second game of the tournament ends with loss to      Brooks School  5-1:

Up next was an early morning Saturday game against the Brooks School. While the girls worked hard, the score unfortunately did not end in the Wildcats favor.  Senior Aileenka Hardesty & senior Melinda Prevost (captain) came down on a 2 on 1. After a beautiful set up by Prevost, Hardesty was able to tip the puck into the Brooks net, putting the Wildcats on the score board. The girls battled hard throughout the course of the game but Brooks came out strong. Special recognition goes to Leah Kennedy who saved an impressive 24 shots and had one of her best games of the tournament.

                 Third game ends in Milton’s favor 4-2:

The third game of the season was a great effort by the Wildcats who picked up the momentum after the morning game but unfortunately did not come out the victor. Junior
Alana Lopez was able to put VA on the scoreboard after receiving a beautiful pass by senior captain Melinda Prevost.

The second goal of the game came when Prevost passed to senior defenseman Carly Radovich (captain) who sent a great
wrist shot from the blue line, ending top shelf. The goal proved the great relationship VA’s forwards and defenseman have formed. Recognition is given to Casey Walsh who brought an extreme amount ofgrit to the game and to goalie Leah Kennedy who had 15 saves.

 Tournament ends with a hard fought 5-2 victory against  Kents Hill:

The Wildcats left their mark at the Exeter tournament with a
5-2 win over rival school Kents Hill. The game started off with junior defenseman Kate O’Brien taking a shot from the point, redirected by junior Teneal Perry who was able to put the puck right in the net. From there freshmen Brianna Wood scored a high shot over the goalie’s shoulder after receiving a pass from senior Melinda Prevost. Prevost went on to have one of the best games of her career scoring a hattrick. Goal number 3 was unassisted and involved deking around several Kents Hill players and finally their goalie.  Goal number 4 started off with a strong pass by senior Aileenka Hardesty, and ended again with Prevost deking her way to the net.The final goal of the game started off with Tremblay passing to Prevost who took a strong shot on net that went right past the Kents Hill goalie. Junior defenseman Kelly Rifai had her best game yet and goalie Leah Kennedy saved 21 shots.

The girls celebrated the well-deserved victory and look
forward to taking on Portsmouth Abbey at home on Saturday January 7th at 6:00 PM.

Girls Tie One At Home

On Wednesday, December 11th, the Vermont Academy Girls Varsity hockey team hosted their first home game of the season against Kingswood-Oxford. The Wildcats put up a hard battle against KO but were only able to find the back of the net once, ending the game in a 1-1 tie.

The Wildcats were able to strike first with a goal by senior captain Melinda Prevost. Sophomore assistant captain Kori McComber forced a turn over in the neutral zone with a quick pass up to Teneal Perry (Jr) who was able to find the stick of Prevost. The Wildcats outshot their opponent 30-19.
Strong performance throughout the game by Perry and junior defenseman Kate O'Brien. Once again, goaltender Leah Kennedy was solid between the pipes.

Girls Hockey Battle but come up short against Deerfield

The Vermont Academy Girls Varsity hockey team traveled to Deerfield Academy for their first game back from Thanksgiving break on Friday, December 6th. The Wildcats did not have the start they were hoping for and went down 3-0 in the first period.

The girls came alive in a strong second period showing and were able to bring the game within one. The Wildcats got on the scoreboard with a goal by Teneal Perry who crashed the net to deflect a pass in by Brianna Wood. Katheryn Tremblay's unassisted goal in the late second period brought the Wildcats only down by one. Both teams were scoreless in the third period with a final score of 3-2. Goaltender Leah Kennedy played another outstanding game facing 36 shots!

Wildcats Fall to New Hampton in Season Opener

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Vermont Academy Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team started the 2013-14 season off with a hard fought battle against New Hampton Huskies. Although the girls played very strong, it was not enough to beat the Huskies and lost by a score of 4-2.

The Wildcats were the first to get on the scoreboard with a shorthanded goal by senior forward Melinda Prevost. Senior forward Aileenka Hardesty was able to clear the Wildcat’s zone to a racing Prevost. Prevost’s aggressive fore-check created a turnover in the offensive end where she stripped the defenseman of the puck for a wraparound goal. The Wildcats ended the first period with a 1-0 lead.

New Hampton answered back in the second period with two goals. The Wildcats were able to tie the game with only a minute left in the period by a power play goal by Prevost, her second of the game. Prevost fired a quick wrist shot just below the crossbar on a pass from junior forward Teneal Perry.

In the final period, the Huskies offense tallied two more goals ending the game in their favor 4-2. Junior goaltender Leah Kennedy played outstanding in net for the Wildcats, making numerous saves to keep the game close.

Head Coach, Lisa Wilson



 2013-14 Schedule

Nov.20 @ New Hampton  Lost 2-4 3:30
Dec. 6 @ Deerfield  Lost 2-3 5:30
Dec. 7 @ Proctor  Lost 2-6 4:30
Dec.11 Kingswood Oxford  Tie 1-1 (OT) 4:00
Dec.14 @ Holderness  Canceled 5:30
Jan. 3 Canterbury @PEA Tourney        Win 5-4 (OT) 3:15
Jan. 4 Brooks @ PEA Tourney   Lost 1-5 9:50
Jan. 4 Milton @ PEA Tourney    Lost 2-4 8:00
Jan. 5 Kents Hill @ PEA Tourney Win 5-2 1:30
Jan. 11 Portsmouth Abbey  Win 3-0 6:00
Jan. 15 KUA  Win 1-0 2:00
Jan. 17 @ Holderness  Lost 2-5 4:00
Jan. 18 Groton  Win 5-3 3:00
Jan. 22 @ Stanstead  Lost 0-5 4:30
Jan. 24 @ Winchendon  Lost 3-7 4:30
Jan. 29 Proctor  Lost 0-1 4:00
Jan. 31 Worcester Academy  Lost 0-5 4:00
Feb. 1 @ NMH  Lost 0-7 1:30
Feb. 8 @ Worcester Academy  Lost 0-7  4:40
Feb. 12 Holderness  Lost 0-1 5:30
Feb. 15 Tilton  Win 5-3  2:30
Feb. 18 @ Tilton  Canceled 4:30
Feb. 19 Brewster  Win 3-2  (OT)  4:30
Feb. 22 @ KUA  Tie 1-1 2:00

2013-14 Roster

 #1 Leah Kennedy ’15 Trumbull, CT
 #4 Carly Radovich ’14*   
Westborough, MA 
 #5 Casey Walsh ’14 Woodstock, CT
 #7 Kelly Rifai ’13    Beaconsfield, QC
 #8 Brianna Wood ’17
Lake Villa, IL
 #9 Aileenka Hardesty ’14 Saxtons River, VT
#10 Katheryn Tremblay ’15
Dollard des Ormeaux, QC
#14  Alana Lopez ’15 Wolcott, CT
#18 Kori McComber ’16 Kahnawake, QC
#19 Melinca Prevost ’14 Montreal, QC
#21 Kate O'Brien ’15 Halifax, NS
#22 Teneal Perry ’15 White Lakes, NS

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