Head's Welcome

Hello! We know prospective students and families will be able to gather information and get answers to questions about our school from roaming around the website; however, there is no way to fully do our campus and our community justice in pictures.  Please come visit and get to know what makes our school so great!

Established in 1876, VA is a school that is continually aware of our long history, but we are also energized by what awaits us in the future. Our students are constantly challenged in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, and in the community as a whole. We believe in setting the bar high while also securing a safety net to catch those who fall short of their goals. It is in the effort of trying that growth is made, and our faculty and staff are devoted to fostering a “try and try again” approach to success. As you become acquainted with VA, please make note of our Core Beliefs, our guiding principles for success. We hold every member of our community to those standards, and our students thrive as a result. Hope to see you on campus soon!

Sean P. Brennan 
Head of School
(802) 869-6200

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